Ventilation System Service in Baltimore

If your home was built within the last 15 – 20 years, it was probably designed to be almost perfectly airtight. This significantly improves your HVAC system’s efficiency and drastically reduces your heating and cooling costs throughout the year. Unfortunately, this efficiency comes at a cost—namely, it makes it much, much harder for fresh air to get into your house.

Now more than ever, proper ventilation is crucial for maintaining good indoor air quality. If you have a ventilation system that you would like to replace, or if you want to install a new ventilation system or replace an existing one, contact the Baltimore HVAC contractors at All Seasons Heating & Cooling today!

Ventilation System Installation

Home ventilation systems are designed to supply your home with a constant flow of fresh air without compromising the efficiency of your heating or air conditioning system. Ventilation systems carefully monitor both the indoor and outdoor temperatures as well as ambient humidity levels to make sure the air exchange has as small a disrupting effect on your home’s air conditioning as possible.

Air vent systems or air exchangers, can also be fitted with filtration systems that will keep airborne contaminants out while still bringing in fresh air. These filters are important because they ensure that bringing in fresh air doesn’t end up reducing your indoor air quality!

Installing a ventilation system in Baltimore can help you clean or avoid air pollutants including:

Mold and Pollen – These allergens can cause difficult breathing or other health problems, especially during the spring and fall.

Tobacco Smoke – Even when the initial cloud of smoke dissipates, there is still tobacco in the air that can cause lung damage.

Pesticides and Cleaners – These common household products can cause severe health problems if they are inhaled.

Carbon Monoxide Gas – This potentially deadly gas can be found in combustion fumes from your furnace, stove, or gas range. If you are concerned with your indoor air quality but you don’t want to keep your windows open while you run your air conditioner or heater, call All Seasons Heating & Cooling and ask about ventilation system installation!

Ventilation System Repair and Replacement in Baltimore

If your ventilation system:

  • Stopped working properly
  • Is bringing in large quantities of unconditioned air,
  • Is bringing in unfiltered air

call All Seasons Heating & Cooling! We can repair your HVAC system in Baltimore so you can continue to enjoy the free flow of fresh air through your home without wasting your heating and cooling system’s energy.

Need to fix your vent system today? We offer same day and emergency service for vent system repairs, so your air will always be clean. If you have a ventilation system in your home and you need ventilation system repair, or if you want to install a new air vent system in your home, call the HVAC company Baltimore trusts: All Seasons Heating & Cooling!

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