How to repair a noisy AC unit

It’s nearly impossible to survive a Baltimore, MD summer without an AC unit. But if your air conditioner makes excessive noise, your comfort is greatly reduced. But just because your AC unit makes noise doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with it.

Checking and cleaning the fan blades can often remedy a noisy air conditioner. Uneven or dirty fan blades can cause your unit to make noise. By removing the cover and evening the fan blades by bending them and clearing out any dirt or debris, you can potentially quiet a noisy AC unit. Always make sure to unplug the AC before you work on it.

Another way to fix a loud AC is to check it for improper mounting. An improperly mounted air conditioner can make noise against your window by causing vibrations. Make sure your unit is fitted tightly in your window to stifle the vibrations and also block out any outdoor noise.

Additionally, you can try tightening the front panel of your unit. Depending on your model, you can do this either by tightening the front panel screws or duct taping it.

Also consider the age of your unit. If you’re operating a relatively old air conditioner, the worn bearings in the compressor could create noise. You can consider replacing them or upgrading to a newer unit.

When looking for a new AC, you can check the db noise level on the unit and choose the quietest model. The lower the db level, the quieter the model. Note that a smaller unit will make less noise than a larger one.

If you’ve tried all of the following and your air conditioner still makes noise, a larger technical problem could exist. Contact All Seasons Heating & Cooling for Baltimore air conditioning repair services.

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