How do I clean my condenser?

How to clean a condenser is actually fairly simple; however, you should always consult your service manual or a professional technician prior to altering any HVAC equipment as some components can be easily damaged. However, barring any special instructions for your specific make and model air conditioner, cleaning the condenser is easy:

  1. Remove as much of the larger debris and dirt that has collected in your condenser out with a vacuum. If you have a soft brush attachment for your vacuum, that will make this even easier and much more safe for your condenser since the coils are incredibly fragile and can be damaged easily.
  2. Once the majority of the large debris has been removed, set the nozzle on your hose to a light or medium spray and hose down your condenser from top to bottom. Don’t forget – you’ll still need to be incredibly careful not to damage your condenser coils.
  3. Inspect your coils after you rinse them for any damage – look for any places where they have been bent or misaligned and try to straighten them out with a fin comb (which can be purchased at most appliance stores).

If you’re worried your AC has special instructions for how to clean a condenser or you’re not ready to tackle the task, just call All Seasons Heating & Cooling. We can do complete air conditioning maintenance in Baltimore and Annapolis.

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