Furnace Buying Guide

Furnaces have made great technological strides over the past few decades and are now among the safest and most energy efficient heating systems available. If you’re currently looking to install a new furnace, there are several types and sizes of furnaces to choose from. Read more below or contact us today and we’ll recommend the best furnace for your home in the Baltimore, MD area.

Types of Furnaces

When selecting a furnace, the most cost efficient option will not be the same for every home. You should take a variety of factors into account when selecting a new furnace, including the installation costs and local fuel prices. There are several different types of furnaces you can install, including:

  • Oil furnaces – Oil furnaces are typically installed in places that don’t have access to natural gas lines. They have an average AFUE of about 38 percent.
  • Gas furnaces – Gas furnaces are known for their ability to heat your home quickly and efficiently. Some natural gas furnaces have an AFUE of up to 97 percent! In many areas, the cost to heat your home with natural gas is cheaper than with electric.
  • Electric furnaces – In general, electric furnaces are cheaper to install than oil or gas furnaces. This is because they don’t require ductwork or fuel storage. However, electric furnaces can cost more to operate, and will also not heat your home in the event of a power failure.

Furnace Sizes

It’s extremely important to get the right size furnace for your home in order to keep your energy costs low and your house comfortable. To make sure you get the right size furnace, it is crucial you call a professional furnace installer to evaluate your home. A furnace technician will take things into consideration such as the climate, the number of windows in your home, your home’s square footage, your ceiling heights, the number of people in your home, your home’s insulation, and more. If you need furnace installation in the Baltimore, MD area, contact us today.

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