Electric Furnace Advantages

If you want a new furnace, chances are probably looking into an electric furnace or gas furnace. While there are other types of furnaces, like oil furnaces, gas and electric are the two most popular types of furnace installations.

An electric furnace relies on electricity rather than gas as its fuel source. Some people prefer electric furnaces because they have lower installation costs, don’t require ductwork or piping, and don’t emit greenhouse gases. In addition, electric furnaces usually take up less space in your home because they you don’t have to worry about fuel storage.

One drawback, however, is that an electric furnace will not operate during power outages. Electricity costs also tend to run higher than natural gas costs. However, if your house doesn’t have access to underground natural gas lines, electric furnaces can be a good alternative.

If you need furnace installation in the Baltimore, MD area, contact All Seasons Heating & Cooling today. With over 50 years of combined industry experience, All Seasons Heating & Cooling is dedicated to providing high quality furnace installation services at affordable prices.

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