Dehumidifier Installation in Baltimore, MD

If you’ve never owned a dehumidifier you might not really know why you should have one, let alone what the benefits are. Essentially, a whole house dehumidifier is a low maintenance way to keep your home healthier, dry, and more comfortable to live in. High humidity in the Baltimore area can be problematic in areas of the home, such as crawl spaces, attics and basements.

Humidity also tends to rise upwards towards the living spaces of your home. In turn, you might feel hot or sticky inside. Humidity can even cause problems like bugs, mold, and mildew. In some cases, people also develop allergy and asthmatic symptoms as well.

If you’re looking for a whole-house dehumidifier for your home in Maryland, count on All Seasons Heating & Cooling to help you choose the perfect unit for your home and install it for you. To schedule an installation, give us a call or contact us online

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What Does A Dehumidifier Do?

In the most simplest terms, a dehumidifier is a lot like a vacuum. It sucks out air from one room at one part of the home and then blows it back out again. The moisture inside that room or inside the house is collected using a collection tank that drips through the unit. You will eventually need to empty it from time to time as it fills up with moisture droplets.

Dehumidifiers work one of two ways. One way is by refrigeration, or cooling the air in order to remove the humid moisture in the air. the second way is through absorption/adsorption. This is when moisture in the air is absorbed INTO or adsorbed ONTO a certain type of drying material in which then its removed.

When you count on All Seasons to install your dehumidifier, we will ensure you get the perfect unit for your needs. 

Benefits Of Having A Whole House Dehumidifier Installed

  • Less Dust, Mold & Mildew. One of the biggest benefits to having a dehumidifier is the simple fact that it helps keep things like dust mites, mold, and mildew away. These three things are three of the biggest causes of allergies and asthma or asthmatic symptoms.
  • Less Humidity. Dehumidifiers reduce the humidity levels in your home which will keep most of these allergens at bay.
  • Cleaner Air. Dehumidifiers are also able to help you breathe cleaner air which in turn is going to help you breathe easier and feel more comfortable in your home.
  • Lower Energy Bills. Speaking of your home, a dehumidifier can also lower your energy bills as well because it helps your HVAC system run a little more efficiently than it would without the dehumidifier.

When you have a house that is really humid, the air conditioner has to work extra hard in order to cool the house and remove the moisture. This can really raise your energy bills and it means you will have to replace or repair your AC unit much sooner than you probably anticipated!

Do I Need A Dehumidifier in The Winter?

Many people assume that since a dehumidifier is used for humidity, that in the winter you don’t need it because there isn’t any or much humidity in the air when its cold. However, this is not always the case. One of the biggest things to know about humidity is that, yes, its relative to heat. But, moisture is not. Any room can have moisture in it, your basement for example, is a playground for moisture. Moisture can then lead to ground water seeping through the walls and the flooring, which can lead to mildew and mold and all those bad smells and experiences that people have with these two growth pathogens.

Dehumidifier Installation in Baltimore, Maryland

If you want all the benefits of a whole house dehumidifier, now is the time to get one! Simply call All Seasons Heating & Cooling for dehumidifier installation so that you can live a healthier, more comfortable life in your house. When you contact All Seasons, you can expect:

  • Expert installation and repair on various heating and air conditioning brands and models.
  • Over 50 years of combined proven HVAC experience.
  • Fast response heating and air conditioning service.
  • Upfront pricing—no hidden fees.
  • Free complete HVAC system inspection and safety check with every service call.
  • Free installation and energy “Money Saving” survey.
  • Free indoor air quality survey.
  • Great service and guaranteed satisfaction—in writing!

What are you waiting for? Reduce the humidity in your Maryland home today by calling All Seasons Heating & Cooling!

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