Carrier Furnace Installation in Baltimore & Annapolis, MD

All Seasons Heating & Cooling offers installations of all Carrier furnaces across the wider Baltimore and Annapolis areas. Whether you’re looking to add a new gas furnace to your home, replace the Carrier oil furnace in an office building, or invest in a Carrier dual-fuel system leveraging all the benefits of heat pumps and furnace technology, our trained and certified technicians are ready to serve you.

Carrier Furnaces

We offer a variety of Carrier furnaces to meet the needs of any home or business owner. Carrier’s line of furnaces includes:

  • Gas furnaces. Fuel efficient, low maintenance, and relatively clean for the environmentally conscious.
  • Oil furnaces. Safer than gas, more intense heat, and cheaper to install than a new gas furnace, but volatile fuel prices and less convenient access to fuel.
  • Electric furnaces. Easily maintained and fueled, convertible for various renewable sources such as solar or wind energy, comparatively safe, and cheaper to install than any other furnace option.
  • Hybrid heat. Also known as a dual-fuel heat pump, these systems leverage heat pump efficiency and electric furnace versatility to maintain a comfortable home. Higher initial installation costs, but great savings over time make for a top-tier investment.

Whatever makes sense for your budget, short term and long term cost considerations, safety considerations, and convenience levels, our technicians and sales associates can help you figure out a Carrier furnace to exceed your needs.

Why Carrier?

Founded over a century ago by the inventor of the air conditioner, today Carrier remains at the forefront of home climate control technology. All Seasons offers a full selection of Carrier products because we know we can install them with confidence in the product. Carrier furnaces offer superior quality, efficiency, and efficacy for our customers, utilizing the latest in sustainable technologies and energy efficient designs to keep you comfortable with less fuel, less maintenance, and less expense.

Carrier backs all its products with expertise and careful consideration of customer needs. You need only look at the stringent requirements of the Carrier Experts program for certifying Factory Authorized Dealers to see the care placed in maintaining a respectable, reputable brand.

Why Choose All Seasons for Carrier Furnace Installation?

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, All Seasons Heating & Cooling can offer superior service and installation on Carrier products, backed by the training and standards of the Carrier brand. With over 50 years of outstanding experience serving Baltimore and Annapolis residents, our NATE-Certified technicians and support staff can guarantee a painless, cost-effective, satisfying installation—whatever your needs may be.

We place a heavy emphasis on a superior customer experience and maximum satisfaction. Whether it’s the products we sell and install, the technicians performing the labor, or the customer support staff answering your inquiries and service requests, All Seasons Heating & Cooling employees are always ready to give their all for our customers.

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