When to Replace Your AC Unit

The addition of a new air conditioning unit or system to any structure is a somewhat daunting task that also requires a serious financial investment. It should not be undertaken lightly by any home or business owner in the Baltimore area. Below are just a few of the factors to consider when deciding on whether or not to install a new air conditioning system.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your AC Unit

It never gets cool inside anymore – The most obvious sign that an HVAC unit is failing is its lack of ability to cool the livable space as it has done in the past. While this does not mean that the unit must be replaced, it is a good time to evaluate whether an upgrade can be cost-effective over staying with the old unit. In particular, a newer, more efficient unit can deliver a greater degree of comfort while lowering one’s monthly utility bills. It is a simple matter to calculate how long it will take for the unit to pay for itself with savings.

The old unit is making noise – Modern HVAC units are designed to operate quietly when installed and to remain quiet when running if maintained in the proper manner. In short, any noises emanating from your AC unit indicate a problem. For example, squealing sounds generally indicate a worn belt that should be replaced. Similarly, “chugging” sounds coming from the main unit means that it is being overworked due to lack of proper intake ventilation, poor lubrication or faulty exhaust ducting. Left unremedied, these problems will eventually mean the end of your HVAC system and should be replaced.

The house is being expanded – Air conditioning units are specifically designed and installed to service a particular volume of space. Adding on to this demand by increasing the total volume of space served will place an unnecessary load on the HVAC equipment. Not only will the space remain warm for most of the time but the unit itself will suffer, work poorly and last for significantly less time its advertised useful life. In addition, overworking a unit will result in significantly higher utility bills without a concomitant rise in comfort.

Call All Seasons Heating & Cooling for Air Conditioner Installation

As you can see, there are a number of things that signal its time for a new air conditioner. For more specific information on the particular reasons and the best time to install a new AC unit, please contact us at All Seasons Heating & Cooling. If you are in the Baltimore, Maryland area, we can install a new AC unit this spring so you can stay cool all summer. Contact us online or reach directly at 443-304-2379.

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