Searching for a Furnace Repair in Baltimore?

Winter winds have finally started to arrive on the East Coast. You are likely depending on your furnace to keep your home or business warm as the temperatures drop. But, what if your furnace is not working? Who can you look to for a furnace repair in Baltimore?

All Seasons Heating & Cooling is the answer. We have been serving the Baltimore area for over 50 years and can repair any furnace you might have.

Common Furnace Problems

The Furnace Is Not Turning On

You are turning the thermometer up as far as it goes, but nothing is happening. This can be caused by a number of issues, including:

  • The thermostat may not be working properly.
  • A circuit breaker or fuse that controls the furnace is tripped or blown.
  • The connection with the gas is closed.
  • The pilot light might be out.

The Furnace Is Not Producing Enough Heat

You are getting some air out of the furnace, but it is not warm enough. This problem usually indicates something is not flowing smoothly. It could be air flow constriction from a clogged air filter. It could be the gas jets could be dirty. There may be an obstruction of air going through the combustion chamber.

The Furnace Is Cycling Too Frequently

The furnace is turning off and on more often than usual. This could be caused by a dirty air filter. However, it could also be a blower or thermostat problem.

The Blower Is Always Running

Typically, the blower will turn off and on as the furnace does. If the blower is running continuously, there are a couple of potential problems. The thermostat could be set to run the blower continuously. Or, the fan limit control switch could be faulty.

The Furnace Is Making Unusual Noises

Most furnaces run very quietly. You might hear it click on or off, and maybe hear a low hum on occasion. If your furnace, however, is running noisy, you may have serious problems developing. A squealing noise may be a slipping blower belt. A low pitch rumble may indicate a poorly adjusted pilot light or dirty gas burners.

The Temperature in the House Is Fluctuating

Your home’s temperature will go up and down as it cools down and heats up. But, it should only be within a few degrees. If your house is getting very cold before the furnace kicks on, then very hot before it turns off, you may have a thermostat problem. The temperature regulator may be broken or you may have the wrong thermostat for the furnace.

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