Want to Save Money on AC Repairs in Baltimore? Home Warranty Insurance Could Be Your Answer!

Words like ‘home warranty’ often get lost in the fog of our brains. Typically, thoughts and information get lost in this fog for two reasons. One: we don’t hold much interest in it, or two: we don’t understand the information given. Home warranties fall under both of these for many of us, and that’s rather unfortunate.

Getting a good, solid warranty can save you loads of heartache, and more than just a couple bucks on your AC repair in Baltimore. Let’s take a little time to clarify exactly what we’re talking about.

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Home Warranties: the Facts

First off, a home warranty is not the same thing as homeowner’s insurance. Homeowner’s insurance covers your personal possessions and assets within a home, as well as the structure itself. It generally covers things like fire and theft. It does not, however, cover your air conditioner repairs or water pump fixes in the case of a catastrophe. That’s where the home warranty comes into play.

You can think of the warranty as life insurance on the mechanical and technical aspects of your home. If you’ve lost a closet full of boxed pictures to fire, you’re looking at homeowner’s insurance. Seeking AC repair in Baltimore? You want a home warranty. A warranty generally covers:

  • Heating and air
  • Water heater/plumbing
  • Exhaust fans, ceiling fans, etc.
  • Kitchen appliances (Big stuff, like your oven, fridge or dishwasher. Not stuff like electric can openers)

Plans vary according to the company, but usually there are options to add unconventional or odd bits, like a garage door button.

Why Do I Want A Home Warranty for AC Repairs?

Put simply, peace of mind. Just like any other fiscal coverage plan, a home warranty offers you a safe way out when a disaster strikes, and saves you a bundle of cash in the process. For a frame of reference, statistically 70 percent of homes are likely to experience appliance or system malfunctions at least once a year. These failures come for any number of reasons, whether freak malfunction or lack of regular maintenance.

So, understanding that some form of unplanned appliance damage is going to occur eventually, it seems wisest to do all you can to be prepared. Enter: Home Warranty. With the right plan in place, what was once a cause for panic and alarm (needing AC repairs when the temperature climbs to triple digits) is now a minor inconvenience.

How Do I Pick A Plan?

Acquiring a home warranty is a lot like picking up car insurance. We would recommend you shop around. Compare rates and coverage, talk to some honest salespeople. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Not all plans are created equal, and many plans have different coverage based on location. So next time you’re in need of some AC repair in Baltimore, it’ll be good to know you’ve picked the plan that covers you best.

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