Heat Pump Making Loud Noise? Find Out Why!

At All Seasons Heating & Cooling, we often have clients come to us with concerns over noise coming from their heat pumps. If your heat pump is making loud, unusual sounds, it may seem like cause for alarm. But a certain degree of noise is quite common during normal, day-to-day heat pump operations, especially during the winter months. To save you time and stress, we’ve outlined the types of heat pump noises that do require repairs, so you can easily differentiate them from the ones that don’t.

Every-Day Heat Pump Noises

Heat pumps make noise every day as they work to keep your home or building comfortable. Sometimes you may hear a wooshing sound as you switch to defrost mode or a squealing sound when your heat pump initially turns on. These sounds are normal! They simply indicate business-as-usual and should be nothing to worry about.

Heat Pump Noises with Easy Fixes

Certain heat pump noises may indicate minor problems that do need to be fixed, but may not require a professional or may be able to be resolved quickly and with little inconvenience. A vibrating sound, for instance, can occur when screws within the cover panel become loose or the belt is worn out. These problems can be easily fixed by tightening screws, or realigning or replacing the belt.

Heat Pump Noises Requiring Immediate Repair

Humming or buzzing sounds usually come from the outdoor unit, indicating a problem in functionality. The cause can be related to a number of things, including a faulty capacitor or an issue with the motor.

Hissing typically indicates a refrigerant leak and must be dealt with immediately.

Grinding or banging sounds are pretty self-descriptive—this usually means that certain parts of your heat pump are grinding together. This can occur if your fan belt is bent or the motor has overheated. Your unit can experience further damage if the grinding continues, so shut it off the minute you notice a sound like this and call an HVAC repair company right away.

High-pitched, scream-like noises can be quite severe and typically come from the compressor. They can indicate pressurization issues and must be fixed immediately.

Solutions to Your Heat Pump Problems in the Baltimore & Annapolis, MD Areas

If you have an issue with your heat pump making loud noises, we can help. All Seasons Heating & Cooling offers heat pump repair services throughout the Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland areas to assist our clients in resolving heat problems large and small. We will provide you with a thorough inspection of your unit before beginning repairs to ensure the solution you receive is a cost effective one. Schedule your appointment today to eliminate heat pump noises and keep any existing issues in check.

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