Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air? Find Out Why!

Is your heat pump blowing cold air, leaving you confused and shivering at home? Unfortunately, this can often occur due to a number of different issues with your unit. But sometimes if you’re new to heat pumps, it’s possible that you’re simply not used to the cooler air a heat pump releases as compared to the gas or oil furnace you used in the past. The trick is determining which issue you’re dealing with—and if your heat pump is indeed blowing cold air, we can then start to figure out why.

Is Your Heat Pump Actually Blowing Cold Air?

A heat pump releases much cooler air than a furnace, leaving furnace users perplexed when they switch over and wondering if their new heating system is working as it should. Typically, a furnace releases air that’s between 130 and 140 degrees, while a heat pump running on first stage during a standard winter day might only release air that’s around 90 degrees.

When you put your hand over the heat pump, you may notice that the air feels cool. This happens because the temperature of the air it puts out is actually cooler than the temperature of your body (which is typically around 98 degrees). But because it’s still warmer than your house, it’s still heating it—just in a different way. While a furnace releases warmer air for short periods of time, a heat pump releases warm air that’s slightly cooler, but does so for long periods of time.

Before you decide there’s a problem with your heat pump blowing cold air, be sure to consider this possibility. Try measuring the air temperature with a thermometer before you call an HVAC company for repairs to see if there is indeed a difference between the return temperature and the supply temperature.

Why Your Heat Pump Blows Cold Air

Though there are many potential reasons for your heat pump to blow cold air, some common causes include:

  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Problems with compressor valves
  • Problems with reversing valve
  • Compressor not running properly
  • Running in air conditioner mode
  • Duct leakage
  • Iced up outdoor unit
  • And more

Cleaning your ducts or having routine maintenance done can help to resolve smaller problems related to your heat pump blowing cold air. But bigger issues, like problems with your compressor, may require more significant repairs—or even a replacement if your unit is over 10-years-old. To determine the best solution for your heat pump in the Baltimore, MD area, call All Seasons Heating & Cooling today!

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