Furnace Leaking Water? Find Out Why!

The bitter cold hits your face as you hurry home from the office each afternoon, hoping to avoid another snowy surprise just one week of the winter. It’s been a chilly, wet one this year and all you want to do is get home to the comfort of your warm living room and a hot beverage. The last thing you need is a problem with your heating system when it suddenly happens: your furnace is leaking water.

Will this mean costly repairs? Or even a complete replacement? Or is it possible that your furnace could still work with a little troubleshooting?

The Condensation Tubing

This is the most common cause of a furnace leak. If you have a high efficiency furnace, it uses cool exhaust to create condensation, which is then directed away from the furnace towards a floor drain. But if the condensation tubing breaks or the drain gets clogged, it’s possible for a leak to develop.

However, if you have a standard efficiency furnace, it has no condensation tubing and should not have any condensation whatsoever. Should you notice any, it could mean that the flue pipe is not the right size, allowing the hot exhaust to cool down and condense within the pipe, eventually leaking out.

The Internal Humidifier

It’s also possible that the humidifier inside of your furnace is leaking. This can typically be avoided with annual maintenance and routine tune-ups, though repairs are still possible if you’ve neglected this service. However, your furnace can sustain a great deal of internal damage that can only become worse the longer it’s left untreated—so be sure to have your unit looked at right away in case this is your issue!

The Secondary Heat Exchanger

Though this is a worst-case scenario, it is possible that your leak stems from the secondary heat exchanger, if it isn’t a problem with condensation or the humidifier. This will likely mean costly repairs, if not a complete replacement, and is often a difficult leak to locate.

Furnace Leaking Water? Call All Seasons Today!

If your furnace is leaking water, let us help. All Seasons Heating & Cooling provides furnace repair and replacement services for residents of Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas. Our technicians will do everything they can to assess the issues you’re having and bring your unit back to life—or recommend a high efficiency replacement that can serve you better.

Don’t put your furnace problems on hold any longer—call us today if your furnace is leaking water in the Annapolis area!

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