How to Keep Your Furnace Lasting Longer

A new furnace is a financial investment. From purchasing the furnace to scheduling an installation, you want your furnace to last as long as it possibly can to avoid forking out more money to purchase a replacement.

Keeping a healthy, long-lasting furnace isn’t a matter of luck—it’s taking care of your investment. If you want your furnace to last, follow the four simple steps below.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Your furnace should be inspected once a year before it is turned on. Maintenance checks ensure your furnace is working safely, is clean, lubricated, and ready for the cold season ahead. Having a professional inspect your unit once a year will lengthen the life of your furnace and help you save in the long run!

Change the Furnace Filter

Furnace filters collect dust, pollen, and harmful bacteria that could be blown through your vents. If your filter is dirty or clogged, your furnace could work harder than it should or start blowing harmful particles into the air. Changing the furnace filter and regularly cleaning the filter will help eliminate these risks and allow your furnace to run smoothly. Most furnace filters should be replaced once a year and scrubbed every four to six weeks.

Lower the Temperature

To reduce the amount your furnace is working, lower the thermostat while you are out of your home. Many of today’s thermostats have programmable settings so you can program the temperature in your home to turn down during the day while you are at work and heat up when you are home in the evenings.

Repair When Broken

If you notice your furnace isn’t working as well as it should be—don’t wait—schedule a repair! Letting your problems linger can cause serious damage to your furnace and could cause the problem to get worse—which could cost you as much if not more than a replacement. If you notice something wrong with your furnace, contact an HVAC professional to have your furnace repaired.

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