Why Is My Dehumidifier Dripping Water?

The whole reason you might buy a dehumidifier is for the various benefits it can offer to you and your home. One of the biggest reasons people buy one is because it can reduce humidity levels and help control things like allergens, odor, and mold. But, if you have a dehumidifier and you are having issues like leaking, you might be wondering why this is happening and if there is anyway you can actually fix it.

In the likelihood that it IS indeed leaking, there are usually four main reasons for this, many of which you can fix yourself. If your dehumidifier is leaking water and you are unable to fix it, simply call the HVAC professionals at All Seasons Heating & Cooling to resolve the issue in the Baltimore area.

The Collection Bucket

The collection bucket is a bucket that is placed underneath the coils that will help “catch” excess water or dripping. However, if the bucket has been jostled out of place it won’t catch the water, and you will begin to see little puddles of water under and by your dehumidifier. In order to fix this, simply reposition the bucket and make sure it’s underneath the coils directly.

The Float Switch

Each dehumidifier has an automatic shut off switch so that when the bucket becomes full with water, the unit turns off until you can release the bucket, get rid of the water and place the bucket back under the coils. If the float switch is stuck, simply remove the bucket and the water and place it back making sure the float can move freely up and down.

Drain Tube Obstruction

The drain tube goes from the unit to the bucket, but if the tube is obstructed, the water cannot go into the bucket and it will leak out. In order to fix this, simply remove the collection bucket and find the drain tube. Then, take a straw and push it into the tube to clear the pipe. Place the tray back, then the bucket.

Cracked / Damaged Bucket

In order to find out if the bucket has been cracked or damaged, remove the bucket and wipe away any dirt, grime or water. Then you can start to inspect it for holes and/or cracks. You can also start checking to see if the drain pipe is cracked or damaged as well and if the drain pipe is properly inserted. If either of these are cracked or damaged, you will need to purchase a new one!

Dehumidifier Repair in Baltimore, MD

Every once in a while, your dehumidifier may need to be repaired. When this happens, count on the experts at All Seasons Heating & Cooling to repair your unit and keep the humidity levels in your home down and controlled.

Call us today to schedule service and to stop your dehumidifier from dripping water!

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