Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning?

When was the last time you had your home’s air ducts cleaned? While it’s not necessary to have your ducts cleaned every year (though some HVAC companies would like you to think otherwise!), you should definitely have them cleaned at least once every few years.

The best times to have your air ducts cleaned are if you:

  • Have visible mold growth in your air ducts or on your air conditioner
  • Have rodents or insects living in your ducts
  • Have clogged ducts with reduced airflow
  • Have noticeably poor air quality
  • Are suffering from worsening indoor allergy symptoms

How to Avoid Air Duct Cleaning Scams

One thing you can always count on, especially this time of year, is a proliferation of dangerous air duct cleaning scammers. They come around every spring, posing as air duct cleaning companies with nondescript names and fake addresses. These fake air duct cleaners hang around town, scamming unsuspecting people until someone reports them to the BBB. As soon as that happens, they pack it up and take off for another town until they’re caught again.

How do you avoid air duct cleaning scams?

The best way to avoid air duct cleaning scams is to avoid any ads proclaiming that air duct cleaning will solve all of your health problems and should be done a few times a year in order to keep you totally safe. Yes, air duct cleaning is important and can seriously improve your home’s indoor air quality, but the fact is it is only required once a year to once every few years, depending on how bad your allergy symptoms are.

In addition, don’t trust any ads for air duct cleaning at ludicrously low prices. With air duct cleaning, you get what you pay for, and $49.95 will get you a fake air duct cleaning contractor who will sit in your basement for a few hours, send some text messages, then go upstairs and tell you you’re going to need a few hundred dollars worth of extra service!

Finally, be wary of air duct cleaners who say that they are “certified by the EPA.” This is  a guaranteed tip-off that the company is fake – the EPA doesn’t even give air duct cleaning certification!

How can I tell if an air duct cleaner is legit?

If you’re looking for air duct cleaning services, don’t worry – there is hope! There are plenty of good, reliable HVAC companies who will offer air duct cleaning services that really will improve your indoor air quality. A good air duct cleaner will:

  • Make sure they get into your entire air duct system BEFORE they start cleaning. This means they’ll move around your house to look for access points – not just stay in one room the whole time.
  • Make sure there is absolutely no asbestos in your duct system before they start cleaning. Asbestos requires special equipment to it does not become a danger. This is another way you can tell if a company is scamming you – if they don’t tell you about asbestos until a few hours into their “job”.
  • Use specially designed air duct cleaning equipment in order to make sure that no dust or debris from your air ducts gets kicked back into your house.
  • Lay down protective covers on your carpeting and furniture before starting to clean your air ducts so any dust that does get pushed into your house doesn’t damage your belongings.
  • Seal up any holes or access points they made or used during the air duct cleaning process so that the ducts remain airtight (remember, leaky ducts are the leading cause of inefficiency in your HVAC system!).

Air duct cleaning is not the cure-all that will completely solve all of your home’s indoor air quality problems (despite what those air duct cleaning scammers may tell you!). Still, it is still important to have it done at least once every few years, or more if you suffer from bad allergies. If you want air duct cleaning services Baltimore, Maryland, call All Seasons Heating & Cooling today!

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