Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell?

The last thing you want when you come home to cool off in the summer is a musty air conditioner smell. Not only does your air conditioner smell bad, but you might be wondering if this could signify a deeper problem with your AC system—and it can!

Luckily, musty air conditioner smells can typically be avoided with routine air conditioner maintenance. But if you notice a musty air conditioner smell in your home, the first thing you should do is figure out why your air conditioner smells bad in the first place. A Baltimore AC repair company can then help you determine the appropriate solution to your air conditioning problems.

A smelly air conditioner can be the beginning of more serious problems. When it comes to AC repairs, waiting one day can mean the difference between minor repairs and a major replacement. Play it safe—call All Seasons at 443-304-2379 to come check out your air conditioner ASAP!


Causes of a Musty Air Conditioner Smell

When you turn on your AC unit and are greeted by a musty air conditioner smell, the first thing you’ll probably ask is: “why does my air conditioner smell?” The musty air conditioner smell comes from mold and bacteria that can form around the condenser coil or the drainage pan of your AC unit.

How did your air conditioner become moldy?

Most likely, you have a clogged drain hole in the condensate tray that caused water to collect and mold to grow. It’s also possible that the musty air conditioner smell is caused by strong odors in your home that linger in your air conditioner, such as tobacco smoke, garbage, or insecticides. When this occurs, the foul smell permeates the condenser coil so that it’s released with the cold air when you turn your air conditioning system on. This can typically be avoided if you undergo routine air conditioner maintenance. But if you already have a musty air conditioner smell, consider it a warning sign and call your Baltimore AC company for HVAC repair services.

What to Do If You Notice a Musty Air Conditioner Smell

If you notice a foul smell in your home, the first thing you should do is remove any other possible causes of the smell—garbage or food that’s been left out, wet laundry, etc. You should also check your basement to make sure the smell isn’t coming from a wet basement space. Once you’ve eliminated other potential causes for the odor, you should be able to determine that the smell is coming from your AC unit.

Because the musty air conditioner smell is caused by mold, this could present health issues for you and your family, especially for anyone with asthma or another breathing problem. You should immediately contact a Baltimore AC repair company to avoid entirely replacing your system.

Baltimore AC Repair Company

A musty air conditioner smell isn’t just inconvenient. In fact, leaving your drain clogged can cause permanent moldy smells and damage your AC system so that it’s eventually unusable. If you start noticing musty air conditioner smells, contact your Baltimore AC repair company immediately—otherwise you’ll need an air conditioner replacement at a much higher cost.

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