8 Tips to Conserve Heating this Winter

Conserving energy is not only about saving money folks, its also about keeping your house comfortable and warm.  If you want to figure out how to go about this and save up to 20% or more on your heating in Baltimore, consider these tips below.

How to Conserve Heating in Baltimore

Replace Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is placed around windows and doors and its main job is to keep the cold out and keep the warm in.  But, if your stripping is old, ripped or missing altogether, you could be having some drafty windows and doors.  Make sure you replace worn stripping.

Door Thresholds

Under your door, you most likely have a threshold.  This is usually a piece of wood or metal that keeps the air out.  If you can see light filtering in from outside or if you put your hand by the bottom of the door and feel air blowing in, you need a new threshold.

Electric Outlets

Turn the electricity off, take the outlet off, and with latex caulk, fill in the gaps between the plastic part of the plug and the wall.  It will do wonders for your Baltimore heating bills.

Holes in Interior Walls

If you have something like plumbing in your bathroom and you have a hole that goes into the wall but there is space between the pipe and the wall you could have drafts coming in.  This can be fixed by simply adding expanding foam.

Insulating Windows

Most of the double pane PVC windows these days are actually quite efficient.  But, if you have single pane windows, old windows, or wood or aluminum windows, this could be letting a lot of cold air in.  Simply use plastic film and a hair dryer.

Heating System

A lot of the old systems actually have to work harder to put out minimal heating in Baltimore.  Instead, if you get a newer model you could have it so your unit could work less, but still give you a good coverage of warm air – in all the rooms of your home.

Fireplace Flues

Fireplaces are awesome and essentially they are very energy efficient because there is no “motor” running to start a fireplace, you just need a renewable source like wood.  But, what does happen with fireplaces is that when they are not in use, your warm air from your heating system goes out through the flue.  When you are not using your fireplace, please make sure you close the flue.

Close Your Doors

If you have a room that is particularly cold such as the bathroom, just by closing the door and placing a door stopper between the door and the floor, you could save yourself a lot of warmth and energy.

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