Want to Save Money Each Month? Get Rid of These 5 Home Heating Habits that Hike Up Energy Bills

Have you ever turned the heat way up so a cold room gets toasty faster? Left the water heater on all day to make sure the hot water doesn’t run out? Everybody’s guilty of it sometimes, but if you rid yourself of these 5 common home heating habits you could see a significant drop in your home heating bills.

Home Heating Habits that Cost You Money

Habit #1: Turning your thermostat up super high in order to heat your home—or a specific room—more quickly.

Your thermostat isn’t a car, and turning up the thermostat super high isn’t like pressing on the gas pedal. Your thermostat isn’t able to make your furnace pump out extra heat in order to heat your home faster; it’s designed to shut off when your home reaches the temperature you’ve set it to. Be patient, or throw on a sweatshirt.

Habit #2: Wearing tank tops and shorts around the house.

Yes, it’s comfortable. Yes, it’s nice to be able to lounge around in your pajamas, but are you willing to pay extra for it? Invest in thermal loungewear so you can set your thermostat a few degrees cooler on those chillier nights.

Habit #3: Turning your thermostat higher when the temperature drops.

We’re telling you, this doesn’t work. The point of a thermostat is to keep your home at a comfortable temperature all day long, no matter what the weather is outside. When the temperature plummets and a room gets colder, the thermostat should automatically adjust to compensate for the lower temperature. Frequently you’ll find that a few hours after turning your thermostat up, you’ll find it too hot and have to turn it back down.

If you keep turning your thermostat up and your home doesn’t seem to be getting any warmer, you may have a thermostat or furnace problem that needs repairs. Contact All Seasons Heating & Cooling for a technician to come to your house and investigate the problem.

Habit #4: Cranking the heat when you feel a draft from a door or window.

A cheap hack to battle drafty windows and doors involves a short trip to your local home services store. Pipe insulation wrapped under the bottom of doors helps prevent drafts, and lining old or poorly insulated windows with bubble wrap still lets the light in, but beats the chilly breezes.

Habit #5: Keeping your heater on “low” all day instead of “auto.”

The purpose of a thermostat is to regulate the temperature in your home. It cycles on when the temperature drops and turns off when the right temperature is met again. Keeping it on low all day just uses more fuel and energy resources, eventually costing you more money in the long run. If you’ve found that your house is still cold when you’ve set it to “auto,” there might be something wrong with your heating system.

Contact All Seasons Heating & Cooling for Any Heating Needs

So you’ve followed all these tips, and your heating bill is still skyrocketing. That’s a sure sign that you need a furnace repair or maintenance check-up, because rising heating costs usually indicate that something is wrong with the system itself. Contact All Seasons Heating & Cooling for any of your Maryland heating needs!

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