Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation in Baltimore & Annapolis, MD

If you use any gas or oil appliances in your home, including fireplaces, water heaters, furnaces, boilers, or stoves, you’re constantly at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. While this doesn’t mean that you’re always breathing in the toxic gas, it does mean that an unexpected gas leak or chimney failure could result in serious danger for you and your family! That’s why, if you use any gas or oil burning appliances in your home, installing a carbon monoxide detector is an absolute must.

Carbon monoxide detectors, particularly low-level carbon monoxide detectors (which can sense even small traces of the gas) come with a variety of features to make them even more valuable appliances to have in your home.

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Types of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

There are three main types of carbon monoxide detectors:

  • Electrolytic sensor carbon monoxide detectors – use electronic sensors to detect levels of carbon monoxide. We usually recommend this type of carbon monoxide detector to most homeowners, because it has the lowest operating range and can detect low levels of carbon monoxide that other carbon monoxide detectors won’t be able to.
  • Colorimetric sensor carbon monoxide detectors – use a strip of paper with color changing chemicals to determine carbon monoxide levels in your home. When a colorimetric carbon monoxide detector goes off, you may have to wait up to 48 hours for the detector to reset (while the colors go back to normal).
  • Metal oxide carbon monoxide detectors – heat up in the presence of any poisonous gasses, triggering an alarm. These carbon monoxide detectors are especially useful because they can detect many other types of poisonous gasses, such as bleach and silicone.

Carbon monoxide detectors can be battery powered, hardwired, or a combination (hardwired with a battery backup). At All Seasons, we recommend installing the combo. It will need to be installed by our technicians, but it won’t eat up batteries and it will work in the event of a power outage.

Other Carbon Monoxide Detector Special Features

Many carbon monoxide detectors come with a variety of special features to make them even more useful. Some of these special features include:

  • Power indicator lights – blink to show that the detector is on.
  • Low battery alert – lets you know when it’s time to replace the batteries.
  • Battery drawer – allows for easy replacement of used batteries.
  • Test / Silence button – allows you to test your carbon monoxide detector at the touch of a button and silence it in the event of a false alarm.
  • Visual Alarms – visually alert the hearing impaired of danger.
  • Combination smoke alarm / carbon monoxide detector – saves space by combining the two main alarms you need in your house.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Placement

When installing carbon monoxide detectors, make sure you place one on every floor (preferably near sleeping areas) and one above the garage to catch carbon monoxide coming in from car exhaust. For best results, install your carbon monoxide detectors at least 15 feet away from your fuel burning appliances—this will prevent false alarms.

Call All Seasons to Install a CO Monitor in the Baltimore or Annapolis Area

Installing a carbon monoxide detector in your Baltimore or Annapolis, Maryland home is the only way to protect your family from the danger of carbon monoxide. If you want to install a carbon monoxide detector, call All Seasons Heating & Cooling today—(443) 692-7723!

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